Saturday, July 7, 2012

Digital Footprints

Ahhh... summer.  Time for professional development if I can squeeze time away from my four-year-old who is also on break from preschool!  I'm taking part in two virtual courses.  The first started on Thursday and focuses on Digital Footprints.  Since I was not there for the actual Elluminate start of the class, I'm trying to ramp up by reading what everyone else wrote as well as getting access to all of the virtual places where people are meeting and talking.

The second course is on the gameification of the classroom as a part of 3D Game Labs. 

So here's the short list of all the places where this course seems to be taking place. 
  • Student 2.0: This is a learning network where people can follow their personal learning interests.  Check out the badge below.

Visit Student 2.0

 The course has a very large digital footprint as you can see.  

My big fun find is What About Me by Intel. 
 What About Me from Intel This online tool accesses your Facebook account and creates an infographic for you to consider.  It tags the words on your wall and assigns them to different categories.  What I discovered about myself is not surprising.  I use Facebook primarily for keeping connected to family and old friends and mainly share information about my travels with them.  So the infographic shows that 20% of what I talk about is travel (red). 

I could see using this with students who Facebook as a way to start a discussion on what they put out there for their friends to see.  


  1. G'day Kathleen,
    Thanks for commenting on my eSchool blogpost about digital footprints. I came here to visit yours and found that fun activity with Intel.

    I tried it out and have added it to my blog post. We seem to have travel and study in common with each other. I think the study looked at how many times we mentioned teacher, students etc.

  2. Hi there Kathleen. You may already have seen that July's Books You Loved is now up and open for entries. Here is the link Books You Loved July Edition if you would like to contribute something.