Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This week is my school's annual salmon release and I'm in charge of it!  The salmon tank lives in the hall right outside of the library.  The above photo is a picture of them as they are turning from alevin to fry!  You can still see their yolk sacs hanging down in the above picture.  This is before they actually started swimming.   The stream is right behind our school so we actually walk down there.  We've got this great ampitheater where the kids sit and then we send two kids down at a time.   Here's my challenge. I have to keep the kids who are waiting entertained and it is OFTEN RAINY!  So I've created this Jeporady game that is hopefully completely waterproof!  It uses macrame cords to connect sticks together to make the Jeporady grid.  I used a hot glue gun to attach wooden clothespins to the cords. Then I made and laminated question cards in four categories:  Salmon Spelling, Salmon Challenge (harder, multistepped questions), Know Your Fish, and Know the Puget Sound.  The "Know the Puget Sound" category allowed me to give the kids some greater knowledge about the problem of stormwater runoff.  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and it looks great when it is hung on the tree in front of the ampitheater.  

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