Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Study Island -- Great resource, BIG learning curve

Okay, so I've spent so much time on helping my teachers implement Study Island over the last two weeks of school that my four-year-old now asks what road we take to get to Study Island.  Obviously, I need to come up for air. 

If I were go back two weeks and do some things differently, I would...

-- Recognize that the pre-tests for each section are actually NOT diagnostic.  I always thought that pre-tests were diagnostic.
-- Find more time for teachers to play games and commit to the student's joy in using the resource, which I don't think that they are doing at this time.
-- Not expect that the huge amounts of reports that they have available will allow me to do whatever I want. 

Despite the rough and rocky start for my teachers, I really think that it is a great resource with good live chat support. 

I'm actually putting most of my "library bootcamp" curriculum on it.  

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